Engagement Ring Guide
An engagement ring symbolises that you and your partner have committed your lives to each other for eternity and is a once in a lifetime purchase. The symbolism of a diamond engagement ring dates back generations and is the ultimate expression of love and faith between a loving couple. It’s a symbol of love, passion and commitment. We recognise the significance of making this moment special, to help our customers make the best choice, within their budget and that suits their future spouses’ tastes.

Step 1 - Establish Your Budget

Explore your diamond ring options, this is the time to search and seeing what is out there that sets your standards. Once you have narrowed down the final ones, establish your budget based on what you feel comfortable in spending, and the type and grade of diamond you wish to purchase. You’re about to purchase a symbol of love for your partner, does not necessarily have to be an expensive one but a memorable one.

Step 2 - Learn About Diamonds

To begin shopping for a diamond, you need to understand the four Cs of diamond evaluation which is Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. By understanding these qualities you can determine which traits are most important to you, and you can find a balance between them that best suits your needs.

Step 3 - Learn About Ring Settings

The "setting" is everything except the centre diamond which consists of the band, accent stones, and the prongs. Settings come in a variety of metals and styles, most diamond engagement rings are set in gold (yellow, white, or "two-toned", and various karats) or platinum. When selecting a gold band (yellow or white), we recommend 18K. That said; lovely quality diamond engagement rings can also feature 14K.

Step 4 - Design Your Ring

When designing your own ring, there are two basic parts to every diamond engagement ring: the Setting and the Centre Diamond. So don't be surprised when you discover that they display the engagement ring setting without a centre diamond. Selecting the setting or the centre diamond first depends very much on the diamond shape and ring setting. We highly advise you to consult a jeweller for further and professional advice on this.